4L65E Auto Trans Controller -19332775

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No laptop programming is required. Chevrolet revised the systems with a more compact design for a headache-free installation with your carbureted small block, big block, or ram jet engine—and they're compatible with OBDII code readers. Get in gear with the simplicity and improved shift performance offered by Chevrolet Performance SuperMatic transmission control systems. Many special operating modes available including, manual mode for upshift/downshift button capability (paddle shifting and button shifting)
Compact Dimensions (5.9in x 4.15in x 1.75in)
Durable 63-pin weather sealed circular plastic connector built into case
All components specified for automotive conditions (125 degrees C with fuel, grease, and oil resistance).
9 PWM Driver outputs (Selectable 12v or ground output) (3amp)
3 Digital Driver outputs (Selectable 12v or ground output) (3amp)
4 frequency inputs (Engine Speed, TC Speed, Driveshaft speed, additional speed)
RS 232, CAN (2.0b) communications
16 Digital Inputs
6 Analog Inputs
1 frequency output (speedometer control)
Easy to use windows software interface
Data logging capability