4L85 Big Block Chevrolet Performance Automatic Transmission Controllers -19332780

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Selecting the right transmission greatly enhances the driving enjoyment and performance feel of your vehicle. Chevrolet Performance has you covered with a range of modern, electronically controlled automatic transmissions that offers great strength and reliability. Each of their electronically controlled automatic transmissions is designed to deliver smooth, consistent and trouble-free performance on the street and stand up to high-power engines, run after run, on the drag strip.

  • Many special operating modes available including, manual mode for upshift/downshift button capability (paddle shifting and button shifting)
  • Compact Dimensions (5.9in x 4.15in x 1.75in)
  • Durable 63-pin weather sealed circular plastic connector built into case
  • All components specified for automotive conditions (125 degrees C with fuel, grease, and oil resistance)
  • 9 PWM Driver outputs (Selectable 12v or ground output) (3amp)
  • 3 Digital Driver outputs (Selectable 12v or ground output) (3amp)
  • 4 frequency inputs (Engine Speed, TC Speed, Driveshaft speed, additional speed)
  • RS 232, CAN (2.0b) communications
  • 16 Digital Inputs
  • 6 Analog Inputs
  • 1 frequency output (speedometer control)
  • Easy to use windows software interface
  • Data logging capability