LT Engine Attachment Kit for SuperMatic™ 8L90-E Transmission -19368955

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The Chevrolet Performance Transmission Adapter Kits are specially designed to allow the enthusiast to take advantage of the latest in transmission technology in one easy step.

Late-model transmission technology includes greater horsepower and torque capability as well as improved efficiency through both design and manufacturing improvements. There are no additional specialized or custom items required, and these kits completely bolt-in with no modifications necessary. They also allow for a lower cost 300mm production style torque converter, or aftermarket equivalent, to be utilized.

  • LT1/8L90E with Slip Yolk
  • LT 8 Bolt Crank Flange
  • Includes Hardware, 14" 168 tooth Flex plate, & Cooler Lines. NOTE:

  • The pre-programmed transmission controller and wiring harness are specific to each SuperMatic™ 8L90-E transmission part number and are included with the transmission kit.
  • A dipstick is not included. An aftermarket dipstick must be used