Chevrolet Performance LSX-LS7 CNC-Ported Cylinder Head -19354239

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Great cylinder head airflow is yours with Chevrolet Performance LSX cylinder heads. With power-building attributes, these aluminum heads are manufactured from 319-T5 aluminum alloy and assembled with premium lightweight hollow-stem valves, sodium-filled exhaust valves and--on some models--titanium intake valves. Ensure maximum airflow and exceptional performance with Chevrolet Performance LSX cylinder heads.


  • 6-bolt per cylinder bolt pattern.
  • LS7 style rectangle port design.
  • Assembled with 2.200" titanium intake and 1.610".
  • Sodium-filled exhaust valves.
  • 12° valve angle, Minimum 4.100" bore.
  • 270cc "as-cast" intake ports, 85cc "as-cast" exhaust ports.
  • 70cc "as-cast" combustion chambers.
  • Handles .650" lift with premium springs.
  • Uses LS7 rocker arms/LS7 bolts.