Corvette Accessory Drive Kit W/ -19421445

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The easiest and most convenient way to finish your LS engine and get it ready to run in your vehicle is with one of our serpentine accessory drive systems. They include the accessories, brackets, drive belts and hardware your engine needs, saving you the time of sourcing them individually. They’re all-inclusive systems that bolt right onto the engine for a factory fit and appearance.

These Chevrolet Performance serpentine accessory drive kits include the brackets, pulleys, and hardware that your engine needs, saving you the time of obtaining and matching them individually. You can depend on Chevrolet for the performance parts that you need.


  • Fits all non-LSA and LS9 LS-type engines
  • Most harmonic balancers do not line up correctly with the accessory drive system; damper P/N 12674582 is strongly recommended
  • Direct bolt-on for LS3 & LS7 engines

NOTE: Use on LS327 iron block engine requires harmonic balancer P/N 12674582.
NOTE: Water pump P/N 12710208 NOT included with kit.
NOTE: Will not work with cam-phased engine.