Chevrolet ZZ502/502 Deluxe Crate Engine -19433162

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ZZ502/502 Deluxe Crate Engine
567 lb.-ft. @ 4,200 rpm 502 hp @ 5,200 rpm

Our most popular big-block crate engine for the street and strip! GM Performance Parts’ ZZ502/502 is one of the industry’s benchmark crate engines, offering excellent value with a proven combination of performance that is suitable for the street or strip. With more than 500 horsepower and 567 lb.-ft. of torque, it demands your full attention and a chassis that is strong enough to harness its framestraining twisting power.

All ZZ502 crate engines are manufactured with GM’s updated cylinder block casting that is stronger and better supports high-performance applications. A forged crankshaft, along with forged rods and pistons, anchors the bottom end, while our popular oval-port aluminum heads offer excellent airflow characteristics. Torque tops ths 500 lb.-ft mark by approximately 2,500 rpm and doesn’t dip below it until about 5,000 rpm.

Our ZZ505/502 Deluxe package comes complete from the oil pan to the carburetor, including an HEI distributor, plug wires, starter, water pump, balancer and an aluminum intake topped with a Holley 870-cfm four barrel.

We’ve taken care of the engine’s details. You need to make sure your car can handle the ZZ502/502!

ZZ502/502 Deluxe Crate Engine Installation Notes

Due to crate fitment, the carburetor is shipped in a separate box and needs to be installed by an engine installed

Clutch linkage bossed are now drilled and tapped. When using cast-iron exhaust manifolds, lower head bolts may need to be replaced with bolts with shorted heads for clearance

502 engines now have a mechanical fuel pump boss!

Comes with an externally balanced 14" automatic transmission flexplare. Use flywheel p/n 14096987 and 11" clutch assembly for manual transmission applications

Designed for pre-1976 street vehicles or any off-road vehicle

Not intended for marine applications

ZZ502/502 Deluxe Crate Engine Tech Specs

Displacement (cu in): 502
Bore x stroke (in): 4.470 x 4.000
Block (p/n 19170540): Cast-iron with 4-bolt main caps
Crankshaft (p/n 10183723): Forged steel
Connecting rods (p/n 19170198): Forged steel, shot peened
Pistons (p/n 12533507): Forged aluminum
Camshaft type (p/n 12366543): Hydraulic roller
Camshaft lift (in): .527 intake / .544 exhaust
Camshaft Duration (@.050 in): 224° intake / 234° exhaust
Cylinder Heads (p/n 12363390): Aluminum oval port; 110cc chambers
Valve size (in): 2.250 int
Compression ratio: 9.6:1
Rocker arms (p/n 12368082): Stamped steel
Rocker arm ratio: 1.7:1
Distributor (p/n 93440806): HEI type
Carburetor (p/n 19170094): 870-cfm
Water pump (p/n 19168602): Aluminum, short-style
Spark plugs and wires: Included
Starter (p/n 12606096): Included
Flexplate (p/n 10185034): 14"
Recommended fuel: 92 octane
Ignition timing: Base 8° BTDC, 30° Total
Maximum recommended rpm: 5,800
Balanced: External